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College of Living Technology

The College of Living Technology was established to cultivate living skills and arts for better lives, to improve students’ professional knowledge and ability for future careers, and to meet the needs of our developing living science and technology industries. The college consists of seven departments and one master program.

College of Living Technology
 Department of Fashion Design and Management
 Department of Styling and Cosmetology 
 Department of Early Childhood Educare  
 Department of Food and Beverage Services  
 Department of  Living Services Industry/Master Program of Applied Living Science 
 Department of Sport, Leisure and Health Management
College of Management

The College of Management was founded in 2006, when the school was upgraded to the Tainan University of Technology. Currently, the College of Management encompasses the Graduate Institute of International Business Management, five undergraduate departments including Accounting Information, International Business Management, Finance, Information Management, Business Administration. There are 61 faculty members and approximately 1800 enrolled students in the College of Management.

College of Management
 Department of International Business Management
/Bachelor and Master Programs

 Department of Finance
 Department of Information Management
 Department of Business Administration
College of Design

In 2003, three departments: Interior Design, Visual Communication, and Product Design comprised Design Group. This group is set up to upgrade the level of design education, to cultivate excellent design experts, and to enhance our competitiveness. Moreover, we aim at integrating with the other groups and departments in our college in order to promote our teaching, research, and service quality. In 2006, the Design Group was reformed as the College of Design. With the addition of the department of Multimedia & Animation in 2008, we are moving toward a multidimensional design college.




College of Design
 Department of Interior Design
 Department of Visual Communication Design/Bachelor and Master Programs 
 Department of Product Design 
 Department of Multimedia and Animation
 Department of Fashion Design 
 Department of Bachelor’s Degree Program in Comics

College of Arts Performing and visual arts are at the heart of the three departments that constitute the College of Arts: Fine Arts, Music, and Dance. The departments of Music and Fine Arts offer programs in graduate studies. Innovation and excellence thrive in an environment that brings together the classical and the modern, as well as the East and West in the classroom, concert halls, and exhibition galleries. Nurturing outstanding talents is our top priority.  


College of Arts
 Department of Fine Arts/Bachelor and Master Programs
 Department of Music/Bachelor and Master Programs 
 Department of Dance 
 Department of Popular Music 

College of Tourism The recent rapid growth of the tourism industry in Taiwan has resulted in a great increase of demand in both the quality and quantity of human resources. Therefore, the College of Tourism is devoted to the education of high-quality students who are interested in the tourism and hospitality field. The College of Tourism was founded in 2013, and consists of the Departments of Applied English and Hotel Management, as well as programs in Hospitality Management and Leisure Regimen Management. The integration of these different but related elements from each department introduces a new and refreshing outlook, which is incorporated in our education to give students diversified skills and knowledge. The College of Tourism is dedicated to cultivating professionalism, a positive attitude, and language proficiency in our students, as well as providing them with opportunities to visit overseas and chances to intern in respectable hotels.  


College of Tourism
Department of Applied English
Department of Hotel Management
Department of Accounting Information
Bachelor's Degree Program in Hospitality Management
Bachelor’s Degree Program in Leisure Regimen Management